Your Course of Driving Tuition

Learning to drive

Learning to drive

OK, so you don't know anything about the car, it's controls, how to drive - don't worry! I will never expect you to know anything, so you will be taught in a methodical, patient manner at all times.

All tuition is in a modern 6 speed manual, air conditioned, dual controlled diesel car, ideally suited to learning.

I keep a 'score sheet' of your progress, which I mark after every lesson, to make sure you are reaching your highest aptitude in all areas of your driving over your coming course. I try and tailor your lessons to suit your needs, covering areas I consider to be basics needed to start with, before moving onto 'the bigger stuff'. I will always be covering things we have done before to make sure you remember, as well as maybe taking you out of your comfort zone sometimes to try new things. These will always be introduced before you try, so no horrible surprises!

As things progress well, I will start to introduce 'mock practical driving tests' to get you used to how your real test will go. I can't pass or fail you, so don't worry what happens - just treat it like another lesson, and you will soon get used to them.

Whilst I will be pushing you to learn and achieve as fast as possible, don't always compare yourself to others you know who are taking lessons at the same time - everyone is different.

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How many lessons will I need?

lessons drive

Good question! As you may imagine, it's not an easy question to answer - however, there are guidelines as to how many hours of tuition you may need, and you should find some of this in my links section. It can depend on many things, such as whether you are able to drive with a member of your family or a friend as well as with me for example.

There is alot to get through in your course, but I will endeavour, where ever possible, to do this in as short a time frame as possible.
You will know when you are ready for your test. I will, of course, advise you - but, believe me, you will know.

The Theory Test

the theory test

Again, there is alot of information out there on the Theory Test.

Use my links to find out from the DSA Website what it is about, and how to book it - but don't book it yet! Make sure you are ready for it. You only want to do it once!!
You don't have to have completed your theory test before you start your driving lessons, but it is worthwhile trying to start the theory alongside your practical lessons. I will be encouraging you to do this, and will be testing you out on your theory knowledge too.

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