Prices & Courses Offered

See below which category you might apply to for what you could be paying for your initial lesson, and thereafter:

New Starters

Never driven before? Then start off with a 2 hour lesson for the price of 1 hour at £27.

You will need to have up to 2 hours for your first lesson, there is alot to get through! Don't worry if you don't remember it all, we will always be going back over what we covered before, to make sure you do remember. You might find you know more about the car and driving than you thought.
After your first lesson, it will be £27 per hour, £40 per 1.5 hours, and £52 per 2 hour lesson.
If you can pay up front for 5 X 2 hour lessons, then I will currently charge you £255.

Driven Before?

Driven Before

So you may have been taking lessons either recently, or in the past, and wish to resume driving lessons again. Don't worry, give me a call and I will take you out on a 'no obligation' assessment for £22 for 1 hour. This gives you chance to get to know me, my car, and see how things could progress. I can also see where we might be heading with regards to your future lessons.

Passed your test and considering 'pass plus'? Give me a call and find out how to get that certificate completed. There is no test. Try my links for more information to the 'pass plus' modules.

You may have already passed your test, but not driven for a while. Been to university for a few years, for example? Need a refresher course, either in my car , or yours? Then give me a call and get yourself on the road again - with confidence. I will endeavour to tailor your lessons with the range of driving conditions you may be looking to cover. This can include motorway work.

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Intensive / Semi-Intensive Courses

Are you thinking about some type of intensive course? Then give me a call, where I can try to advise you on the best course of action to suit your needs.

Before considering an intensive, it is worth thinking about what position you are at with your theory test, how much driving (if any) you may have done before, and how much time you have to do this over a short period of time.

Usually, an intensive leads to that all important practical driving test at the end, so we need to make sure you are ready. Call me and tell me what you would like to do.

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